A Week in Delhi

Off the Tourist Track

Delhi often gets a bad rap among travelers, who see the city as a necessary evil, an entry point to the more enticing hills to the north, and the palaces and deserts of Rajasthan to the south. Not helping this reputation is the high concentration of touts, scam artists, beggars, aggressive taxi drivers and general hangers-on that populate the more touristed of Delhi’s neighborhoods. (Lonely Planet even has a section on Delhi called “Dodging the Dodgy.”)

Maybe Delhi can make a bad first impression; but you don’t have to scratch very far beneath the surface to find its charms. So, to help travelers get a better picture of this historic city, I proudly present: A Week In Delhi (Off the Tourist Track).

The concept behind the project is simple: choose seven quirky weekly events in Delhi – one that takes place every Sunday, one that takes place every Monday, and so on through the week.  Put them all together, and you have an action-packed, off-the-beaten-track week in Delhi.

My very loose qualifications for the events: they should be of cultural interest and they must not be listed in Lonely Planet.

The first day: Daryaganj’s Sunday Book Market!


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