A Week in Delhi: Closed for Business

Shuttered Storefronts

It’s about time I put up my Monday entry for the “Week in Delhi” project. This is proving to be easier said than done, because Delhi largely shuts down on Monday. Most of the markets are closed, as are other promising destinations like museums, libraries and monuments.

Many itinerant merchants take advantage of this lull and set up their mobile shops in front of the more permanent (but temporarily shuttered) ones. This happens all over Delhi, including in my neighborhood: when the Kamla Nagar market shuts down, the nearby Ghanta Ghar Monday Market springs to life. Here, a stone’s throw from my flat, I can find a wide variety of super-cheap clothes, from plain white T-shirts to garish bellbottoms. While I try to find a Monday event for the Week in Delhi (which will likely be one of the grander of the roadside Monday markets), enjoy these pictures from my neighborhood.


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