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Pictures: good. Racist TV host: bad.

Last minute clean-up before the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are upon us. It should be a festive occasion, but instead Delhi seems oddly quiet. I live near one of the Games stadiums, and I’ve seen far more stern, gun-wielding policemen than enthusiastic athletes or fans. Street vendors and beggars have been kicked out of the city. Even stray dogs are being rounded up and carted away (to where and to what fate, I dare not ask). Delhi is trying its best to present a sanitized image of itself to the world, and, in the process, it’s losing its raucous charm. Continue reading


A Week in Delhi – Foiled Again!

I’ve already documented the difficulty of finding Monday events in Delhi. The day is marked by shuttered storefronts and closed museums. Still, I knew that street vendors took advantage of this lull, and – with a little sleuthing – I found out that one of Delhi’s biggest Monday markets takes place in Karol Bagh, not far from my flat. And to Karol Bagh I dutifully went today, camera in hand, only to find… nothing! The police had put the kibosh on the market, as part of the preparation for the upcoming Commonwealth games. (There was some last-minute construction going on, as the above photo shows.) Street vendors, apparently, don’t fit into the polished image of India the government is trying (unsuccessfully) to present for the games.

So back to the drawing board for Day 2 of our Week in Delhi.